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ACH Verifi combines the historical power of our Verification Database with multiple banking, retail, and billing sources to predict the current status of the bank account. We target unauthorized and administrative return codes and allow you to accept more payments while reducing "fatal" returns.

It is the fastest growing ACH verification service in the industry. We recently surpassed One Billion records in the our database. The database is a shared service in which users share their historical ACH records with the goal of making the ACH industry safer for all merchants. The projectile growth is credited with the accuracy in our responses in real-time and our vast knowledge of consumer validation in the alternative finance space.

Used by merchants to reduce costly returns for electronic check (e-check) or ACH transactions. Our database is effective for all ACH, electronic check and RDC transactions and can be accessed via API, batch processing or online interface.

Know your customers, reduce returns and protect your business from fraudulent, administrative and NSF check, eCheck or ACH returns. All in real-time

  • Over 650 million consumer and business checking account records tracked
  • Provides information on the millions of under banked (thin file) consumers
  • Identifies high risk banking accounts such as closed, frozen, or accounts with a negative balance
  • Predicts and identifies administrative returns before they occur
  • Confirms that the name of your consumer matches the name associated with the account
  • Allows you to "know your customer", a requirement to maintain a lasting processing relationship with your bank
  • Optional OFAC check on authorized rVd transactions
  • Designed to be used before submitting an ACH debit or check deposit
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    ACH processors, financial institutions, and third party billers

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    Prearranged recurring payment companies (spas & fitness, cable and satellite TV, membership fees)

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    Online or brick and mortar retailers

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    Finance companies and lenders

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    Collection and debt buying companies

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    Money service providers (MSP)

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    Account history on every transaction

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    Matches the name and telephone associated with the bank account

One transaction with two solutions

In response to the Patriot Act, Financial Institutions, Third Party Payment Providers and Money Service Providers are often required to check the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, or OFAC list when processing financial transactions. Adding OFAC to rVd is easy and requires no additional coding.

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